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Taller de cata "Descubre los secretos y degusta 6 variedades de uva imprescindibles"

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Remote tasting workshop in video (Zoom) with box of 6 samples of 2cl of wines On the program for this tasting, 2 white grape varieties and 4 black grape varieties: Chardonnay Sauvignon blanc Pinot noir Le Merlot Cabernet sauvignon La Syrah Qu ' will you find out concretely? We will see together, where these grape varieties come from, what are their favorite appellations, their olfactory and taste characteristics, and of course we will put all this into practice by tasting them together. How's it going ? After receiving the wine sample box at home (1 box per person), enjoy a friendly moment in a video group (zoom). Comfortably installed from your home, you will have your oenologist at your disposal to be able to ask all the questions you wish to ask. This workshop is YOUR “wine moment”! The boxes consist of 6 samples of 2cL.

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Nevers, France

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