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Champagne tasting online

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Sobre esta experiencia y anfitrión

Imagine that you invite at your next "apero"... the wine team behind your bottle !
Living a champagne tasting like you are in Champagne place without moving your sofa, it's possible !

Learning how the champagne is making, see the vineyard, feeling the basis of champagne tasting...
and for those who want to go further, you could received our cook book with our special "accords mets et vins".

Process :
Order your bottles of Lucien Collard champagne on the apps TWIL (the wine I love) with a special offer for first order (8€ gift),
Receive your bottles at minimum 1 day before your tasting and place them on your fridge,
Enjoy your place, take a sit and connect you, the vineyard team will come to you for your champagne tasting !

Experience : 30min

De 1 a 6 personas


Gratis para menores de 18 años.

Experiencia reembolsada en el local si compró 6 botellas.

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1 Rue Villebois Mareuil, Bouzy, France

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