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Champagne Bodega / Viticultor
The Champagne Mumm was founded in 1827 in Reims by the brothers Jacob, Gottlieb and Philipp Mumm from Cologne, Germany. In 1852, the House takes its final name from one of their descendants, Georges Hermann Mumm, the man who creates in 1875 the famous vintage “Cordon Rouge”.

In 1920, the visionary René Lalou put back on track the mythical parcels and acquires some new lands of “Grands Crus”.

Visit the Mumm House for a unique experience during which you discover his universe.

Explore champagne in all its glory by discovering the ancestral know-how of Maison Mumm, which, combined with an avant-garde spirit since its creation in 1827, continues to renew itself by being demanding, consistent and audacity.
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Champagne Mumm, Rue du Champ de Mars, Reims, France Francia

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Quentin Bandera fr feb. 2020

Vraiment une belle découverte, c’était super intéressant et bien expliqué, merci encore à la personne qui nous a effectué la visite ! Top du début à la fin en finissant sur une dégustation agréable, je recommande !

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Camille Bandera fr jun. 2021

Expérience inoubliable !

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Ghislaine Bandera gb oct. 2021

We learnt everything about the champagne making process. We tasted two grand crus, excellent. Great experience!

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Pascale Bandera fr oct. 2019

Nous avons beaucoup aimé la visite.notre guide était très compétente et sympathique.

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Nicolas Bandera fr sept. 2020

Super visite, guide très intéressante, parfait pour le public averti comme pour les plus débutants. On a passé un excellent moment.

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Michael Bandera gb oct. 2019

The cordon rouge visit was very educational and informative, because of the great tour guide and the well laid out displays. The champagne tasting was good, but we should have paid a little extra to taste more than one of the labels. Would have been better if there was a cafe on site so we could have stayed longer.

Fotos de la bodega / viticultor

  • Cordon Rouge Visit
  • Grand Cru Experience
  • Vintage Experience

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