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Dominio Di Bagnoli Ss Az.agr.

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Dominio Di Bagnoli Ss Az.agr.

Veneto Bodega / Viticultor Marconi
Throughout the centuries agriculture continued at Dominio di Bagnoli. Today it comprises 600 hectares of cultivated and arable land, and vineyards. The centuries old cellars, beautiful Italianate gardens and extensive vineyards are an example of the connection between, art, history and territory.
Today Dominio di Bagnoli is known by the respect for nature employed in its agricultural production.
The Brolo hosts rare bird species, it has a collection of autoctonous grape varieties and a museum of historic forms of
grape trellising.
The vineyards are turfed to prevent soil erosion and to support balance in the ecosystem. The cultivated land is
flanked by plantations of trees stretching 150 kilometres. Due to their phytodepurative action this helps protect the
Venetian lagoon from pollution. Residual prune clippings and waste products from the stock farm are used to produce
renewable energy.
The winery processes various types of grapes, producing both red and white wines. Some wines are young and fresh others are aged in big oak casks. The most important grape variety is the very old, autoctonous grape named “Friularo di Bagnoli”, which today is a local DOCG Wine .This wine is distinctive for both its acidity and its tannins. It is extremely versitile and favours long ageing. The Friularo di Bagnoli grapes yield a structured and complex wine, with a wide bouquet and a particular scent of morello cherries. When vinified as a white wine it produces a suprising, fresh, mineral, golden spumante. A rare metodo classico from and ancient, autoctonous, Italian, red grape.

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Dominio di Bagnoli S.S. di Lorenzo Borletti e C., Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, Bagnoli di Sopra, Padoue, Italie Italia

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