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Based in the heart of the city of Tours, our team aims at offering you a unique and authentic experience around the French art of living. We also want you to fully discover this fantastic and amazing region.
You will be accompanied by professionals, experts and lovers of the Loire Valley. Whether in couple, with family or friends, we offer you the guarantee of an authentic stay in the city. You will not only be able to discover the history and the heritage of the region but also the French gastronomy that characterizes the “Jardin de France”.
The Val de Loire Travel team created several packages that offer various possibilities of excursion. You can choose to live the experience in small groups or alone. The excursions are privatized and personalized according to your requirements.
The desire to offer a high quality service has led us to a partnership with the label "VIGNOBLES & DÉCOUVERTES". This partnership also guarantees the quality of the tours.
Our online booking and payment platform, reliable and secure, will allow you to organize excursions for your family and friends.
Our services include the transportation, the access to the sites visited, lunches, the visits of the cellars and the local wine tastings.
Choosing Val de Loire Travel is the guarantee of a unique, reliable and secure service.

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Ganador de trofeos de enoturismo Terre de vin

Ganador de trofeos de enoturismo Terre de vin

Medios especializados en vino, enoturismo y el arte de vivir en Francia.
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  • Un día en los viñedos del valle del Loira

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