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Hameau Duboeuf

Visite Hameau Duboeuf en Romanèche-Thorins

Beaujolais Museo del vino
The Hameau Duboeuf is a famous wine park situated in the heart of Beaujolais between Mâcon and Lyon. (it’s about 1hour and half from Paris by train- 15 mn from the Macon TGV station – about 45 mn by car from Lyon)
The main part of the Hameau Duboeuf is dedicated to a unique collection of objects and exhibits, it’s a fascinating visit through the world of winegrowing and winemaking.
There are also many attractions like: an immersive experience with projections and audio visual effects, a 3D cinema, a simulation movie, a wine tasting served by a sommelier at the end
Discover wine cellars with oak barrels in which Moulin à Vent and Puilly Fuisse are maturing before being bottled, the geology room and a series of attractions and movies: you start with the NEW immersive experience that called “Mon Beaujolais”: this is a show with audio and visual effects that allows visitors to immerse themselves into the history of the Beaujolais
At the end, you finish with a Wine tasting served by a sommelier with traditional music from an organ. The sommelier will suggest and explain to you different wines of the Beaujolais and Maconnais.
Lunch is available all day long on site and you continue the visit with the train station museum. You can see the imperial carriage given by the PLM company to the Emperor Napoleon the third. It welcomed Queen Victoria of England to Calais!
From April to September, the little train of the Hameau Duboeuf will take you from the wine museum to the vinification center and in the gardens. The vinfication center puts the visitor at the heart of wine production. In the Gardens, The visitors discover the scents they can find in each Beaujolais wine and can enjoy climbing aboard “Rosalies” and playing miniature golf
We have recently introduced a new game for 2020: The Explor’Games ®: strange things happened : vines dying, objects disappearing and the God bacchus decided to come down to earth to carry out an investigation and help visitors to find the culprit
This Game is played with tablets (for 4 persons) and it’s a supplement to the visit : 5€

Etiquetas y premios

Ganador de trofeos de enoturismo Terre de vin

Ganador de trofeos de enoturismo Terre de vin

Medios especializados en vino, enoturismo y el arte de vivir en Francia.
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Hameau Duboeuf, La Gare, Romanèche-Thorins, France Francia

Fotos de la museo del vino

  • Discovery of the world of vines and wine in the first wine park in France and in Europe
  • Gardens and paradise of tastes and behind the scenes of winemaking
  •  Live a day of experience in the 1st wine park in Europe!

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